Your personal multiple calendar - appointment app

This app enables you to receive appointment requests via an invitation url or a event quicklink. The app supports multiple resource - calendars.


  • There is no limit on the number of resources and the calendars that are attached to them.
  • Calendar booking slots can be :
    • custom - multiple number of 15 mins to make up a slot
    • hourly
    • daily
  • Appointments can be made via
    • invitation url - typical sent via an invitation email
    • quicklinks - typically used for events published on the app
      • bookings will not be allowed when event capacity is reached
  • Appointment schedule changed is allowed on the app
  • The following scheduled tasks handle :
    • creation of calendars
    • deleting expired and unused calendar slots
    • email for invitation and appointment confirmation

Deta Space Advantage

This section describes the integration with other Deta Space apps :

  • Uses Taco Mail email templates with mySMTP app


  • Automatic resource-calendar creation
  • More clean up of past appointments
  • Invalidate an invitation / event